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Your Home Is Not Just A Building
Get the right insurance for your peace of mind.
Our goal here at Lasting Insurance is to protect
you and your family from those unexpected
events by finding the right coverage at an
affordable rate. If you ,need Auto, Home,
Umbrella or any other personal insurance
coverage, we can tailor a package to fit your
individual personal insurance needs.
Choosing the right business or commercial
insurance plan for your business can be very
confusing, Lasting Insurance has developed
many different options and programs to meet the
needs of our commercial insurance clients.
If people depend on your income, life insurance
can replace that income for them if you die. The
most commonly recognized case of this is
parents with young children. However, it can also
apply to couples in which the survivor would be
financially stricken by the income lost through
the death of a partner, and to dependent adults,
such as parents, siblings or adult children who
continue to rely on you financially.
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